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Your Kind of Property: “I Had to Improvise”

When you’re a provider of accommodation for visiting academics, conference guests and corporate staff, Covid lockdown meant no people – but plenty of bills to pay. Today’s interview shows how some hasty ingenuity saved this local agency.

Lido: Cool and Immersive, for 27-minutes

Angela Elvira Bruce had plans to take her meditative study of the passage of seasons at Parliament Hill Lido around this year’s film festivals. Instead, the arrival of COVID forced her to swim with a different tide and she put the film up online for free, so regular Lido swimmers (and everyone else) could keep their connection with this deeply special place during lockdown

S.E.L: Lessons from Lockdown

Talented local vocalist Soulful Emma Louise (S.E.L), talks to us about music, Black Lives Matter and eating during a pandemic

Kentish Town Veg Box: Acts of Kindness

Lockdown saw a dramatic surge in sign-ups for the local organic delivery scheme – and a rejuvenated community spirit was vital to helping them cope

The Place: Dancing on Through Lockdown

With students about to graduate, a complex schools programme in full swing, and over 200 casual staff to look after, even lockdown couldn’t stop the dance

Camden Giving: Mixed Blessings for Charities

The pandemic has seen amazing new networks of donors and volunteers spring up in aid of good causes, but also big losses in fundraising, making for challenging times ahead

Now is the time to urgently reset how we view nightlife

Loud, packed and sweaty by nature, nightclubs and live music venues will be among the last places to reopen after COVID. Meanwhile, these vibrant cultural spaces are in real peril – unless we collectively dare to take them more seriously, says Tom Kihl

Guy Gold: A Duty of Care

How his osteopathic practice and coffee shop survived and returned quickly during lockdown

Star of Kings: Preparing to Pull the Pints

Quiz nights, top burgers and Sunday Roasts are all back, while the DJs, comedians and bands must wait longer, as the King’s Cross party pub plots its reopening

The Fields Beneath: Constant Evolution

Dropping the coffee to move into groceries, then horticulture and next up, wine, this is how one small local business has repeatedly kept a step ahead of coronavirus

24-26 September

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