The Impish Scribe brings comedy Renaissance to Camden Fringe 2023

She's that random bestie you met in the toilets on a night out...

She’s a former music hack turned unstoppable standup, (who got in touch ahead of her Camden Fringe debut and reminded me of the time we both blagged a ride home from Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem in the back of Radio 1 DJ Annie Nightingale’s tour bus in our previous incarnations 🤣).

Ahead of her show at 2Northdown this Sunday night (6th Aug), we simply had to find out more about what make the Impish Scribe tick? 


Well hello – again! Tell us a bit about your path to stand-up?

I was a quiet nipper, but always loved making people laugh with mischievous one liners, sass or bawdy impressions, however I didn’t think it was a career option and so pursued music journalism. Fast forward a few years and I got in touch with Family Guy wanting to write for them, I then skirted round live comedy for years until one night found myself found myself holding the mic – and everything clicked into place.


Why is the show called Renaissance and what should we expect on the night?

In part because throughout history after times of war, hardship, plague and suffering, there’s a golden rebirth; creativity flourishes, people seize life and happiness eagerly – especially now!

When we look at the late ’80s, with global economic instability, mass protests and mass unemployment, we also saw the rise of acid house, Manchester, rave, indie and grunge. In the mid ’70s, during a global recession, we had strides with Stonewall, the civil rights movement and the introduction of the Equalities Act and culturally the birth of  disco, punk and early hip hop and rap. And partly because, always loved the idea of Renaissance the club and the legendary mix CD by Sasha & Digweed. Then, the day before the photo shoot, Beyonce announced her LP Renaissance, and it felt like cosmic timing!

What to expect? It’s more than a comedy show – it’s an experience.

You like to equate yourself with ‘that random bestie you met in the toilets on a night out’ – tell us a bit more about why that analogy works so well for you?

 I’d love to say it’s an analogy but I am that random Bestie – it’s an energy I can’t switch off. We all know her, even if you’ve never met before. She’s a warm, non-judgy, encouraging Big Sister-meets-kindly-therapist, magician and kickass life coach. You know she’ll understand, and you always feel better. People will chat with me on public transport – in London! Men will cry on my shoulder in a pub, toddlers hurtle over… I even ended up counselling a couple the other day in the big Sainsbury’s.

Why the name Impish Scribe?

Scribe is from my journalism background, where a colleague saw me taking notes by hand. Impish is a family nickname because of my impish flashes of mischief.

What topics do you always love to cover in a show?

Wowsers! Topical commentary, Englishness and language, why toilets are a sacred magical place for girls, gays theys to name a few.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

A cuddly pink unicorn in sequins.

In 5 words, why should everyone come to see this show?

Uplifting, feelgood: you’ll feel better!

Camden Fringe 2023 //  See The Impish Scribe, Renaissance at 2Northdown at on Sunday 6th August.  Tickets and info here.

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