Konrad Kozior on bringing UNTITLED#1 to Camden Fringe 2023

A play from one to all. A story of two brothers. One is gone, the other didn't know what was going on until it was too late

Konrad Kozior is an ambitious young actor who creates stories about today’s social dilemmas and hardships, purposefully leaving things open for the audience to interpret individually.

He brings his new work, UNTITLED#1, to The Cockpit theatre this Fringe (Sat Aug 12th), a full-length show that emerged from a shorter previously performed there earlier this year.

How did the idea for this play first come about?

I called the show UNTITLED #1 to avoid giving any preconception about it. I’d rather an audience come and see the play and title it themselves. This story is not autobiographical, and I feel more like its messenger rather than its creator. The ideas, images and dialogue were present here and there from the beginning of this year and started to live on stage back in May, at a showcase at The Cockpit. My original piece lasted six minutes then and was sort of like a trailer that I’ve since developed into the full-length play.

The info given to audiences about the show is quite cryptic – what are you hoping to achieve with this kind of work?

I want to empower and encourage people to speak up and support those who don’t feel included in society. The play touches on important topics we’re now experiencing as the set rules and morals of the past become more inclusive and open. It’s important more stories are heard, especially the ones that we don’t hear often, because they might be uncomfortable for some. I understand we tend to go for comedies and musicals when we go out on Saturday nights, but is it not as important to ask ourselves some questions, to reflect on what’s our role here and now?

Tell us a bit about the process behind developing the show over recent months?

This is my first time taking part in a performing arts festival with my own work, and I’m very grateful to the people who have helped keep me going. Gustavo Dias-Vallejo is an artist who has been there from the start of UNTITLED#1 and always supported me throughout the journey to make this happen. He’s the one who sees the play before anyone else, and asks me questions I haven’t thought of asking myself, (thank you Gustavo, you’re the best!).

Griffin from The Cockpit has been kind and patient with all my questions and concerns about the festival and how everything works, with thanks to Nadia, Deb and Scarlett, the technical crew from The Cockpit, as well as Kat, thank you for your support and work. Oh, and Gabriel Brothers painted the poster just from watching the trailer of a play. He’s amazing and very creative, so I’m glad he’s a part of the play creation, too.

What’s been your biggest joy about the production?

Rehearsals. The process of creation and the freedom of it. An empty room with just me and my imagination to explore the story and be led by it – that’s magical. 

If UNTITLED#1 was an animal, what would it be and why?

Probably a tiger. Their greatest strengths can be their greatest weaknesses. How we see the play’s characters on the outside is not what might be within them or may emerge when no one is around. The younger brother, who’s very tough, dynamic and respected around his mates, has a mysterious side of himself that no one can truly see. His sensitivity and emotional side is only shown when he’s alone. We see the traits of the tiger in the older brother, too, who’s protective, caring and cautious.  

In 5 words, why should people come to this show?

Beacuse it is: courageous, simple, important, unique and human. 

Camden Fringe 2023 //  See UNTITLED#1 at The Cockpit on Saturday 12th August.  Tickets and info here.

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