London Clean Air Cycle Ride

See London by Bike

Camden Clean Air are back leading their cycle ride through the borough - and into pastures new, too

Camdenist in partnership with Camden Clean Air Initiative 

Hardly taking time for a breather after the success of their inaugural Earthfest at King’s Cross, the borough’s independent air quality champions, Camden Clean Air, are now busy inviting everyone to join them on their next project: The London Clean Air Cycle Ride, taking place on Saturday 29th June.

For 2024, the event has expanded beyond its usual two-wheeled jaunt around Camden, to encompass some lovely bits of Westminster and Islington into the official route, too, thereby adopting London into the title.

It offers people of all ages the chance to get to know the city better by bike, celebrate the joys of cycling and promoting the twin health benefits of exercise and improving the air we all breathe, as more and more people start forsaking the car.

Fancy it? You can sign up here, (includes a special 15% discount for all Camdenist readers🙂) and absolutely all ages and abilities are actively welcomed, with marshalled rides for those that want them, or the freedom to self-guide at your own pace.

As well as passing through iconic spots from Hampstead Heath at the top of the borough down into the centre of town alongside Regent’s Park, the route also incorporate welcome refreshment breaks at bike-minded coffee shops.

Partners include e-bike hire trailblazers Forest, from whom you can book pre-free bikes if you don’t have your own, and Your Bike Project, who also offer free hire to benefit recipients.  

You’ll receive an eco-friendly (of course) wooden medal for completing the ride.

Following previous successful events for Camden locals, “we’re excited to welcome cyclists from across London to this year’s event,” says Georgina McGivern, co-founder of Camden Clean Air. “The rebranding to the London Clean Air Cycle Ride reflects our broader commitment to fostering healthier, more sustainable communities in Camden and beyond. By including Westminster and Islington in our route, we’re not just cycling for cleaner air in Camden but for a greener, healthier city for all Londoners. We are also dedicated to making cycling more accessible and diverse, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background or ability, can join us in celebrating the joy of cycling and the importance of clean air.”

Saturday, June 29, 2024. Sign up here for 15% off using the code CAMDENIST. Otherwise Adults £11, Children £9, with discounts for families.

Start and finish at Granary Square, King’s Cross. Waves of riders departing from 10am to midday.

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London Clean Air Cycle Ride

See London by Bike

Camden Clean Air are back leading their cycle ride through the borough – and into pastures new, too