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Move your body: tune-up for summer at Guy Gold’s

We speak to Camden and Kentish Town-based Guy Gold’s Osteopathy & Physiotherapy about the advantages for everyone of getting a ‘body MOT’

In these warm summer months, we see lots of patients with new and exciting movement goals – the days are longer and there’s more time to meet friends for a run or walk after work, and the thought of heading out and getting moving is much more appealing. It’s also a great time for a body check-in to avoid any injuries that could keep you from your summer fun.

At Guy Gold’s we believe prevention is always better than cure. When we treat our patients, the focus is on longevity and treating the body as a whole – we don’t just treat the symptoms, we look at your body, your history, your lifestyle and your goals, then put together a plan to enable you to live your life to the absolute fullest.

We treat injuries, postural problems, back pain, joint issues and lots more, but we also recommend a yearly check-in – we like to think of it as a ‘body MOT’. You take your car in for a regular service because it gets you from A to B – so why not treat your body the same way? It’s the most important vehicle you’ll ever have, and it’ll be carrying you around for your whole life.

A regular check-in with an Osteopath or Physiotherapist can identify any early signs of injury, such as postural issues, muscle weakness, and joint instability. Whether you’re an athlete or a part-time mover, these imbalances can lead to an injury that has you off your feet – or causes pain and discomfort – for a long time. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or working from home, bad posture could cause back pain or joint issues further down the line. An Osteopath or Physiotherapist can help you identify any potential issues and strengthen, align and support where it’s needed.

As movement specialists, our team can also help you work towards any movement goals this summer: maybe you’d like to run a marathon, start Couch to 5K, learn a new sport, start weightlifting, or just become more active. At Guy Gold’s, you’ll benefit from a team of experienced clinicians from Osteopaths to Physiotherapists and Clinical Pilates teachers, who can support you with a tailored plan to get you wherever you’d like to be. We work across two award-winning locations in Camden and Kentish Town: a welcoming clinic that shares space with our award-winning cafe, and a state-of-the-art gym where we offer movement coaching, personal training and one-to-one Reformer Pilates. And if you enjoyed this article, check out Camdenist for more.

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If you’d like to book in for a summer tune-up at Guy Gold’s, visit their website at where you can also find lots of information on Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Clinical Pilates.

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