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In Conversation: Girls Of The Internet, HowTheLightGetsIn

Tom Kerridge of the deeply housey five-piece tells us about their sound, vision and influences ahead of their upcoming gig at Kenwood

We’re beyond excited to share our conversation with the dynamic Girls of the Internet ahead of their appearance at the upcoming How the Light Gets In festival at Kenwood House.


How did Girls Of The Internet come about?

I was at an extremely low point in my life. I had just lost two businesses, and I was unable to get a job as I was “over-qualified” for everything I applied for. I had nothing else to do except make music, for the first time, and it saved my life.

What do you enjoy about working as a collective?

I’ve seen many bands go through arguments and break-ups after working in the industry for many years. I love collaboration, and wanted the project to be about working with other people. Making the project a collective, I can stay in control and make the decisions, but still get to work with so many incredible talented people.

How would you describe your sound and vision?

We wear our references and influences on our sleeve. We’re a live band that plays deep house.

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What is your process? How do you create?

It usually starts with some Rhodes chords, then we let the creative process go wherever it wants to.

Who or what inspires/influences your sound?

Sounds from Chicago house’s second wave, Herbert, Motorbass and early Daft Punk, disco, Detroit, Drag Race, Star Trek Discovery, Leigh Bowery, Rammellzee, Talking Heads, Charlie Kaufman, Stereolab, MF DOOM…

What does music mean to you? How has it shaped or changed your life?

I tried to do something else, but music is a siren I can’t escape.

What is your earliest musical memory?

Maybe some Madonna album? Memories of music from my childhood are hazy and not in any discernible order.

What’s next for GOTI?

We’re booking a worldwide tour currently, and writing our next album.

  • Girls of the Internet appear at HowTheLightGetsIn on October 1st. See below for Camdenist’s discount tickets.
  • Hear from more of the HTLGI festival’s fascinating speakers here
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