health experts at The Form Room Kentish Town

Health tips from experts at The Form Room, Kentish Town

A personal trainer, yoga and Barre instructors and a physiotherapist all give their suggestions for holistic wellness after lockdown

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Whether you’ve spent months largely horizontal or hunched over the kitchen table, have taken up regular Zoom yoga or an enthusiastic daily running regimen, our bodies and minds are now going to have to adjust to new challenges once more. Emerging from lockdown isn’t as easy as restarting the old gym membership and away we go. Complex issues need to be overcome, from feeling 100% safe again to not overdoing it. 

Kentish Town Road’s The Form Room takes a refreshingly holistic approach to heath and wellbeing, so we asked four of the resident practitioners for their tips on the best way to approach the transition.

“We all have a lot of should and shouldn’ts in our mind right now,” says their Turkish-born yoga and wellness instructor Gulce Soma, “and I don’t think that’s being fair on ourselves. Many of us wonder why we’re not feeling more excited to get fully back to what was normal before, but we’ve all been through a traumatic time and need to give ourselves space to recover.” 

She includes a psychological theme and intention to her vinyasa flow classes to gently process this. “We are social beings and base a lot of our meaning in our community, and this hasn’t been available except in a micro version online. Now we need to gently expand this again.”

The Form Room's PT, Ben Smith, taking a client through a session

Nathalie Errandonea-Mewes agrees. She runs low intensity, low impact barre classes as NRG Barrebody, and as a member of the local French community has spent years building a friendly vibe among students. 

“Seeing people in the room again, having time to relax and have a chit-chat afterwards, that’s all more important now then ever,” she says. “People may feel worried at first, but rather than going to a big gym, try a small boutique space, where you feel safe, and we can also give detailed attention to each person.”

Australian Andrew Hudson is the lead physiotherapist and osteopath Guy Golds Performance Centre, which uses The Form Room to complement the osteopathic practice offered at its Jamestown Rd treatment rooms. “Here our work is more about exercise and rehabilitation,” he tells us, “so more strengthening and conditioning. We’ve been providing guidance, treatment and management of injuries sustained as a result of lockdown. These are typically from not having been moving around so much, sitting at bad workstations, or taking up new types of exercise.” He recommends considering a holistic approach to regaining fitness after lockdown, across many disciplines, and is always cross-referring clients to other trainers.

Kentish Town born-and-bred local Ben Smith is The Form Room’s in-house Physical Trainer, and is working on the space being a real hub for wellbeing as we come out of the pandemic, including the recent installation of a climbing wall. “We’re able to offer a non-intimidating space for people to come which is important, as the traditional gym environment is not for everyone,” he says. “But for motivation, being in a purpose-built facility rather than rolling around at home, bumping into the coffee table, does wonders for your motivation. It certainly does for mine.”

Nathalie Errandonea-Mewes leaps across the studio at The Form Room in Kentish Town

The Form Room, 240 Kentish Town Road,

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