Creators House crew: meet Venetia

Local law graduate learns to DJ

Can you tell us about you and your work?

My name is Venetia, I am 24 and graduated from university last year, studying Law and Sociology. Although slightly oxymoronic, given I am a law graduate, I describe myself as being creative. Having such pursuits, be it fashion design, learning new instruments, or writing, has helped me to not only get through my degree, but have become real life pursuits in their own right.

What is your process? How do you create?

Like many of us, as much as I try to be organised about the process, a lot of my creativity is dictated by random bursts of inspiration. When I get an idea, I tend to write it down and hopefully go back to the note in a more methodical manner when I am feeling ready for the task of actualising it.

What appealed to you about Creators House?

What stood out was that they offered a place to pick up a new hobby. As a seasoned hobby collector, whether it is roller-skating or learning a new instrument, I jumped at the opportunity to learn how to DJ without hesitation. Another thing that stood out about the DJ programme was that it was completely free! No hidden cost. It is truly unique and special to find an organisation set on providing opportunities for young people to learn new skills. This was especially profound to me as I have always wanted to learn how to DJ but it always seemed so enigmatic, so having this place I could go every week to learn the basics in a digestible way, and practice with other learners, really was an amazing process.

Creators House recent free DJ course students and mentors

What do you think some of the biggest challenges facing young people today are? 

A lack of hope in the future. This is more so a mental challenge but is largely fueled by physical things, be it austerity and cuts in activities that help young people, the cost of living crisis, lack of job prospects for graduates post-university, rising knife crime in the UK, environmental worries and more.

Why are places like the Creator’s House important? 

They offer young people a place to escape all the worries of the world and just focus on nurturing a new – or old – skill, be it DJing, producing, podcasting, photography and so on. This is exceptionally important, given the crisis of a lack of hope for many young people who feel like they are living without purpose. 

What has your experience of using the space been like?

I have only used the space once outside of DJing, but I found it to be a pleasant experience, and super comfortable. I used it to record myself playing bass.

What do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

Hmm…. that’s a big question. Not to be a question dodger, but I would say my focus is more so on who I become in the next five years, as opposed to what I achieve. I want to grow as a person; in kindness, compassion, and empathy. I would love to be more consistent with my musical instruments and use my creative gifts to help people around the world. A large part of why I don’t really set goals is because, one thing my faith in God has taught me is that whilst I can have one plan for how I want my life to go, God can take me somewhere completely different, which is truly a humbling experience. It teaches me that focusing on the journey of life, and who you are becoming is far more important than on the destination itself, as oftentimes when you get to the top it is not as fulfilling as it looks from down the bottom.  

How can we stay up to date with what you’re doing? 

I am a bit of a social media hermit right now! (social media breaks are defo needed) But you will be able to find me on Instagram at @venetiacreates where I post my latest creative ventures. 

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