Kentish Town Stores coworking space

Work (and play) from Kentish Town Stores

NW5’s loveliest coffee shop and community hub has some rare fixed desk space available – plus a programme of events you’ll want to try


Kentish Town Stores has a wonderful all-day vibe about it, which tracks an arc like the sunshine through its particularly well-appointed windows. Breakfast time bustle rolls through to toasties-led lunch, progressing into laidback cake-based afternoons and then the renewed excitement of evening events.

It’s the kind of place you could spend the whole day in – and plenty of locals seem to do just that; working, chattering, or a bit of both, if they can snag a prime spot. So it’s exciting we can reveal that the separate workspace – tucked away from the action, but very much still immersed in those community vibes – has become available.

“It’s a perfect spot for local freelancers who don’t have the space at home or cannot focus in a cafe space,” say Kentish Town Stores boss Luci Noel. “It could also work well for people in further education who need time out, and would equally suit small teams that need a space to meet and work collaboratively.”

The fixed desks were previously taken by a creative design-led practice, who loved the perks such as the dog-friendly policy, the private kitchen, or 10% discount on all food and drink downstairs.

“Our front of house team care about the members here and want to get to get to know who each person is individually,” says Luci. “It’s about extending our community-based approach, with a dedicated desk in a focused space to actually get some work done. Fundamentally this is a building with really great bones that can be what you want it to be.”

Kentish Town Stores new coworking space
Kentish Town Stores vibe

Take your pick from the private kitchen upstairs, or the member’s rates on coffee, sandwiches and pastries downstairs

Being at the heart of the community is key to the enduring success of Kentish Town Stores, too. The nearby Kentish Town Community Centre (KTCC) supports local residents between jobs who may no longer have access to a shared office and are finding the isolation hard.

“Through the Camden Cost of Living Community Response Fund, KTCC have have secured funding for a series of activities in the local area,” Luci tells us. “The primary activity revolves around their existing partnerships with several local schools to offer family meals or space to cook together as a community. The smaller scale project with us will help to fund two desk spaces for local creative practitioners who fall into some of the key groups that need support within the area.”

Community-building is also about having opportunities to socialise, and the Stores popular series, KTS Lates, runs on the last Thursday of the month, offering free activities including a Book Club and the popular running group, Run KT.

“What’s been lovely is to see the relationships develop between people with shared interests, who are neighbours and would otherwise not have met,” beams Luci about the Lates programme.

We really make an evening of it, with a series of other planned activities taking place as well, some complimentary and others with a small fee. There might be life drawing one month, speed dating, a film screening or a quiz. And there will always be space to just turn up and have a drink with friends or play a board game at your leisure.”

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