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Since we’re all stuck at home again, here’s how to keep money circulating locally so there’s still lots to enjoy out there when lockdown eases

Today our popular Friday morning email, aka the Weekly C-Mail, is undergoing a timely, if temporary change of focus – until restrictions ease. We’re replacing the usual ‘what’s on’ highlights format, with the Lockdown Lifeline, a daily handful of suggestions to help you get through this, while vitally helping local businesses keep their heads above water, too.

We’ll bring you the inside track on the most unusual home delivery services to try out, pay-it-forward tickets for tasty events, Christmas gift solutions, exclusive special offers, books and audio-visual delights to be enjoyed on your sofa.

By making use of the service we suggest, you’ll be playing an active and hugely important part in keeping Camden’s vibrant independent retail, culture and hospitality landscape alive – it really is that simple.

The Lockdown Lifeline is designed to become an essential part of your daily routine – open it up for guaranteed inspiration to break the kitchen table monotony.

If you’re not already a subscriber, simply add your email in the box below and the next updates will be with you soon.

If you’re a local business who’d like to feature, including finding out more about the premium campaign to really give your lockdown offering a boost, please drop us a line at today.

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The COVID-19 health crisis has burned our economic and cultural landscape much like a forest fire. But across a charred, razed environment, strong green shoots inevitably emerge.

CAMDENIST is a new collaborative local media platform, currently in beta mode and launching soon. Born from the smoldering ashes of this unprecedented era, it will provide fertile support for the regeneration of our communities, businesses and cultural spaces in the times ahead.

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