Video: Walking the length of Camden’s buried River Fleet

Film-maker and London perambulation guru, John Rogers, tracks the waterway through the borough, from Hampstead down to the Thames

With urban walks currently on the front foot following months of lockdown exercise à pied, one of London’s most famous roving adventurers has videoed himself tracing the route of our very own lost subterranean river, the Fleet.

John Rogers has written books and made films about the capital with the likes of Iain Sinclair, Russel Brand and Will Self, and runs a popular walking vlog, where he takes viewers on jaunts by foot, revealing the history and topography that still define today’s London.

With infectious enthusiasm for the details, the waters lead John down from the springs of Hampstead Heath, through the backstreets of Kentish Town to where two original tributaries meet – under Quinns pub.

He shows how the curves of NW5’s pretty Kelly Street and the Great Northern Hotel at King’s Cross follow the meandering course of the original waterway, and evokes sail barges passing the Old Church on today’s St Pancras Way.

Take the tour with John below, and make sure walk it yourself soon, too. 

Watch the video here:

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