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Secret Feasts: Indian Alley

The fiery flavours of Delhi's streetfood including signature thalis can be enjoyed in Camden's North Yard

The beauty of Indian food, with its multitude of spices, textures and condiments is that it can be just as dynamic when served from a Michelin-starred restaurant as it can from a roadside stall in exchange for a few Rupees. And it was this broad foodie experience that the family-run Indian Alley team sought to bring to Camden when they opened in a historic former stable block.

“Our intention here is to serve a traditional slice of Delhi streetfood, showcasing authentic dishes and not just the ones you’ll usually find on the local high street,” says General Manager Nitin Mudliar, showing us around. “This is the kind of fare which a common man in Delhi would like to sit down and have after a hard day’s work.”

That includes sizzling kebabs, a rainbow of curries, rich biryanis and expertly charred rotis or naan breads straight from the searing walls of the tandoor. “We wanted this to be an economical option, as obviously not everyone is going to go for a Michelin star restaurant, but not compromise on flavour in the slightest” says Nitin. “We also wanted it to be healthy for our diners, so everything uses less oil now and we never use artificial colouring.”

Even the signature thalis come on eco-conscious paper trays, offering a streetfood vibe with some seriously quality spices and ingredients. You can enjoy the full thali meal for only £20 at Secret Feasts, but tickets are very limited so book now.

Meet the manager

Vikas of Indian Alley Camden Market

“I’ve always been a big foodie. I love all kinds of food as you can probably see, and I also really enjoy talking to people, so there’s really no better industry than hospitality for me. Every day is a different experience, which I really like, too. You have to make peace with the fact that you aren’t working very sociable hours, and the shifts are also really long, but all the rest makes up for it and it’s a lot of fun.

The job takes a certain type of person, to always be empathetic to others, to keep their thoughts in mid and remember you are here to serve. Guests coming to my restaurant are looking for an experience, and my job is to make sure we deliver.

I won’t lie, the pandemic has been hard for everyone here, because Camden used to be heaving every day of the week, which is not the case right now. We’ve just done our best to keep the same standards and treat customers with the utmost care, and things are starting to get better. The future looks bright.”

Secret Feasts menu at Indian Alley

On four special Wednesday nights (Feb 23rd and March 2nd, 9th and 16th) Camdenist presents Secret Feasts at North Yard. 

Take your seat in the sumptious Grade II-listed former stables and choose any starter from the regular menu, plus a meat or veg thali including dessert, all for the special price of just £20.

Indian Alley also specialises in cocktails, including no-alcohol creations, which you might want to add to the meal.

Book Secret Feasts tickets here

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