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The crowdfunder has now closed, having hit it’s target of £15,350. Thanks to all our sponsors! Local businesses can still get actively involved in the events and benefit from the incentives listed below. Email us or call 07973 259 481.

This time last year, Camdenist partnered with Labtech, owners of Camden Market, to promote a series of food events encouraging midweek visits to restaurants in the historic North Yard. This year we’re hoping to take it on the road with a crowdfunding campaign for Secret Feasts.

The formula was a hit, supporting independent hospitality businesses during a long and difficult winter, while offering attractively discounted nights out to locals. We’ve run further events since, including earlier this month in association with Euston Town to promote that neighbourhood’s food offering.

We make videos, write editorial features, run paid social campaigns and operate all the bookings and customer service at no charge to the restaurants, and they also get to keep 100% of the ticket revenues for the bookings, too. 

Now we’re embarking on our most ambitious plan yet for Secret Feasts: crowdfunding a series of events on more of Camden’s high streets, as part of the wider Love Your Camden High Streets initiative, set up to help them thrive in uncertain times. 

To offer this full campaign of support to independent restaurants and pubs, we need to find local community-minded stakeholders to get involved and pledge to help bring the event to their own local high street.

As well as simply for the joy of doing good and backing a brighter future for Camden’s high streets, we’re offering incentives, too.

If you are an individual, pledge over £50 and we’ll upgrade you and all your guests tickets to VIP at the Secret Feast event of your choice (tickets purchased separately).

If you are a local business, we have attractive tiered packages that can really help you and your company to grow, while also supporting the local community/high street across a high profile campaign. Read on for those, then visit our page on Spacehive to pledge your support

The incentives

Pledge £1k+

and be included (with logo) in all event editorial content and media comms as one of our key partners, supporting your local high street


and we’ll write a dedicated feature about your business to run across website, print magazine, weekly email and social media posts


and we’ll also shoot, edit and create 2 x videos about you/your business (a social version for Reels, and longer one for YouTube and our digital output, including weekly email newsletter and website).

…or pledge £5k

to bring a complete event in the high street of your choice as the key sponsor, complete with all associated press, PR and content creation

Email us or call 07973 259 481 to find out how you can benefit from all the local advantages of becoming a Secret Feasts sponsor of the current series, or future events.

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