Camden's Favourite Pizzerias

Camden’s Favourite Pizzerias

Where does the finest dough, the quirkiest toppings or the best vibe exist?

There’s so much pizza to choose from – and so much of it damn tasty these days – that it would be hard (and rather overwhelming) to try and come up with either a ‘best of’ or a comprehensive list of places to try. So instead we asked the ever-responsive readers of the fast-growing Camdenist weekly newsletter to tell us their favs. Stay in the loop by subscribing here.

The resulting list of independents and micro-chains (we left out the Franco Mancas and Pizza Expresses as you most likely know exactly what to expect from those) should give you a few to discover. So peruse the list below and pick out one or two that you’ve never been to before.

Here’s the list of Camden’s Favourite Pizzerias:

Pizzeria di Camden on Royal College St

Pizzaria Di Camden

Kentish town restaurants: owner of Rosella, Luca


Purezza, vegan pizzeria in Camden


Lost Souls / True Romance

Green Mosaic in Holborn, one of Camden's favourite pizzerias

Green Mosaic

Pizza Sophia in Bloomsbury

Pizza Sophia

Berbere pizza in Kentish Town, fan favourite


The Lansdowne

Quartieri pizzeria in Kilburn


L'antica Hampstead, Neapolitan wood-fired pizza


Zia Lucia pizzeria in Camden

Zia Lucia

Rhyl Pizza; one of Camden's favourite pizzerias

Rhyl School Community Kitchen

Truffles Deli

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