Camden Fringe Festival performers

Camden Fringe 2022: the voicemails

Where we ask performers from across this phenomenal month-long festival to blow their own trumpets, and convince us why we simply must go and see their particular shows

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This week: 29th July - 7th August

Harmon Leon in The Jokes Saved My Soul


Adventures of an Old C*** or Living My Dream

Clare Harrison McCartney – Box Ticker

The Art of Fitting Out by CJ Hopkins

Still Got It

Kathryn Mather: Scream Inside Your Heart

It’s Not Rocket Science

The Church Of The Fall

Tree Confessions

A Little Drape of Heaven your Bathtub 2.0

The Dumb Man

Leanne Shorley: Nice Things

The Importance of Being Anxious

This Week: August 8th - 14th

The Sea Between

Adventures of an Old C*** or Living My Dream

Billy Parva: A True Story

The Grammar of Witchcraft

The Grammar of Witchcraft (2)

Dolls & Guys

Late Night Fish

Still Ticking

Nice Try and Slight Awkward

Village Wooing

Red Hot Pokers

A Splash of Milk

The Midnight Snack

I Hope I'm Interrupting

Next Week: August 15th - 21st

The Man Who Wouldn't Be Murdered

Mediocre Gay

Still Got It

The Crisp Review: LIVE

Late Night Fish

Rozarina Larsen: Asian Persuasion Tour

An Unexpected Tale In Smoky Midtown

Million Piece Jigsaw

The Smell of Love

What Makes a Body Terrifying

August 22nd - 28th

Blink and You'll Miss It!

Where The Heart Is

Mediocre Gay

Will Preston Can’t Face Reality

Jemima Smallbones

Red Hot Pokers

Wife Material

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