The above photograph was taken just before midday on a recent sunny Sunday – 24th May 2020 – a Bank Holiday weekend.

The disaster movie emptiness of Camden High Street on a prime afternoon is no less striking for the fact we all clearly understand exactly why it is so.

Camdenist is a project that has been talked about for a long time and was finally beginning to become a reality – and then there was lockdown. 

The past few weeks have allows us to take a step back and assess what the neighbourhood – all the people here, and the places where we work, live and play – are going to need in order to make sense of the time ahead.

With that in mind, our pre-launch series, Covid Stories, is a simple five questions asked to a growing number of local business-owners about the challenges and adaptations they are undergoing. 

If you’d like us to cover your business next, or nominate a personal favourite, just drop us a line in the chatbot form below.


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Explore the latest Camden Covid Stories:

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