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Camdenist’s Lockdown Lifeline series highlights local businesses to support while we’re all stuck at home. Today you’ll be rewarded with a feel-good promise for body as well as mind.

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Despite gyms and leisure facilities currently being closed, looking after your body during the confinement of lockdown really is more vital than ever. As a primary care provider, Jamestown Road’s Guy Gold & Associates has been able to operate Covid-safe Osteopathy and Physiotherapy appointments alongside remote video consultations, too. For those suffering back or joint pain and other physical issues, whether that be from too much time working at the kitchen table or anything else, Guy and his team are a true lifeline on your doorstep.

During the summer they have expanded, opening up the Guy Gold Performance Centre in a new purpose-built facility on Kentish Town Road. This offers a range of physical therapies  and wellbeing treatments that are proving the perfect antidote to lockdown’s inevitable inactivity.

“We are delighted that as an essential service, we can continue to offer support to our patients through the challenges that 2020 has thrown at us all,” Guy tells us. “Lockdown has had such a huge impact on our bodies and the ways we can look after ourselves – the new Performance Centre has really opened just at the perfect time. Having a clinic with a private and confidential gym space opens up so many opportunities to us as clinicians for how we can support our patients. Combining osteopathic or physiotherapy treatment with personally-tailored gym-based activities – such as rehabilitation exercises, strength and conditioning work or clinical pilates – can have an enormous impact on the results we achieve. And when so many of our patients can’t access their usual gym routines, we can really help to minimise the impact of the lockdown on their wellbeing in this new space.”

Whether you have a physical issue that needs support, or are simply looking to keep your body in optimum shape during this restrictive period – and long into the future – then the team at Guy Gold & Associates offer the full range of services to help you back to feeling great.

“I’m so grateful to our clinical team, Andrew Hudson, Anna Aydinc and Michelle Lewis, who have worked so hard to put into practice a really stringent and comprehensive COVID 19 safeguarding policy so that our patients are safe and feel confident in both our clinics,” adds Guy. “The team continue to offer online video consultations to anyone who is in quarantine or prefers to stay at home, and so we are able to be there for all of our patients through a very strange and challenging time.”


Call 0207 018 7180 

or email info@guygolds.com

To book an initial consultation, which can be in-person or by video. They can also answer all your questions about what to expect from their practice, including COVID safeguarding | Visit the Guy Gold website for more information |

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