Gallery exhibition ‘Shutters’ celebrates street art in Camden

Visit the first indoor shopfront art show of its kind in the UK, if not the world

The the latest exhibition from Camden Open Air Gallery, ‘Shutters’, showcases work from 25 of London’s most revered graffiti writers. You can get a taste of the exhibition  below, via the sliding photo panels. 

Some of these artists are the forefathers of the UK graffiti scene that emerged in the ‘80s and greatly influenced London’s metropolitan style, which emphasises getting up quick and using bright rounded colours.

Members of We Rock Hard (WRH), such as PiC, Fuel and Doze & Prime, share wall space with King Robbo, who had an infamous battle with Banksy, as well as the current royalty of the scene like 10 Foot, whose work you can spot on railway bridges and buildings internationally.

Camden Open Air Gallery celebrates street art

Camden Open Air Gallery was founded by Finn Brewster who grew up running around the Camden Brasserie, the restaurant just off the high street that his mum ran from the 1980s into the 2000s. Through the gallery, which began as a way to brighten up all the closed shop-fronts during the Covid lockdowns, Finn is seeking to bring back Camden’s famous vibrancy.  ‘Shutters’, which runs until the 5th December, does just that, showcasing how dreary metal grills can be transformed into dynamic and beautiful art canvases.

Curated by COAG and Camdemonium (the artist collective run by PiC, Ollie Sylvester and Faum 72), the exhibition presents work on 25 reconditioned shutters, taking the viewer on a journey into the history of UK graffiti culture. Part of the magic of this art form lies in its prioritisation of style, character and substance over hype and trends.

The original notice board, street art is a way of telling the story of a place and its residents, influenced by the character and eccentricities of its immediate location. It’s refreshing to see graffiti being taken seriously as the art form that it is, resplendent up on the walls of a dedicated gallery, so make sure to drop by (it’s right on the main drag of Camden High Street) and see this celebration for yourself.

Find out more about Camden Open Air Gallery  and where to find it. Look out for more from COAG in the next print magazine Camdenist Presents ‘the night’, coming very soon.

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