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Camdenist Grow with Google is a digital upskilling and growth programme for local businesses. Provided FREE by Camdenist, in partnership with Google.

Improve your digital skills

Find new customers 

Gain more website visits

Give customers faster ways to pay

Improve Google search visibility and web presence

What's in the programme?



Learn, then activate Google's free tools that can help your business grow faster, stronger and more resiliently for the future



Build relationships with other local businesses. Join special training and networking sessions at Workshop Camden and Google HQ



Earn digital and environmental certification. Enjoy advanced data and analytics insights into your business

How do we help you to grow?


Our team work closely with you on a plan that is customised specifically to your business needs. We'll set out a series of ways you can rapidly improve your successful use of digital tools including search, analytics, social media content, website-building and much more.

Camdenist Secret Feasts Chef at Baladin Camden Market


One-to-one and group sessions help answer your most important tech questions, and can teach you and your team how to adopt effective new commercial strategies. We'll also find ways to reduce carbon impact and improve your role in the neighbourhood.


It doesn't end with the training. You'll be part of an ongoing programme that actively supports a community of brilliant small businesses here in Camden. We have further opportunities for local independents to grow - both digitally and on the high street.


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Our method has been tested

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